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Analya is a Chilean-born jeweler living in Washington, D.C. Her pieces reflect her attraction to an esthetic rooted in nature. The shapes she uses in her work allow her to look into concepts she explores in her jewelry, like austerity, repetition and symmetry.

"Jewelry always carries a message and making jewelry mirrors writing a fictional story. Instead of words, I use metals, stones –materials- to write mine. I remember sitting in the grass as a kid, digging in the dirt and looking for insects, marveling at the tiny details I’d find in them: an eye, an antenna, a set of miniature fuzzy legs. Making jewelry, exploring further into my fiction, often feels like a repetition of that childhood game: intense, lonely and gratifying."

Analya is one of the founding members of Studio on F Jewelry, a shared working space for studio jewelers in downtown Washington, D.C.

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